Urine Separators

Thank you so much for caring about our world as much as we do. By using compost toilets we create vital compost giving nutrients back to the soil where they belong and keep them out of our water courses and drinking water. The ingredients needed to create an ideal compost are, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, water and heat.  A carbon to nitrogen ratio of 30/1 is best so mixing your poo, the nitrogen, with a carbon source, sawdust, straw, wood chippings, is what to aim for. The oxygen needed for the aerobic biological process to take place can be provided by access to fresh air and if your compost is saturated with urine this is not possible, making it anaerobic and why it's advisable to remove the urine from your compost. The heat will be generated by the compost itself although it will be very slow in the cold winter months and compost much quicker in the summer. It is advisable to put a water proof covering over the top to protect it from leaching nutrients when it rains although you want to keep it damp, but not sodden and leaving it for two years before putting it on the ground, by which time it is a completely different product to it's original parts! 

How To Fit Your Urine Separator.

When you install your separator you need to position it at the front of the toilet seat, covering the front third as in the diagram. 

Pre drill the holes and use wood screws to secure it in place. 

You will need to buy a 40mm or 1½ inch hose and hose clamp to attach it to the downspout as per the picture. You can then run it into a container for collection or let it run free as you wish.