About us...

We are, The Compost Toilet Company.

We build ecologically sound, sustainable and sanitary, portable compost loos for hire or to buy. We believe defecating in our water supply is unsanitary as well as insanity. Currently we as a society make a biohazard from our waste, which are also the nutrients our soil needs. We then create more biohazards making petrochemical fertilizers to replace the nutrients our soil needs.  We are the antidote to sewage pollution and the need for chemical fertilisers.

We operate from an orchard on a 11 acre small holding in Leicestershire which I've helped farm co-operatively for the last 15 years. Farming led me to understand the lack of available compost in the vast quantities we need and the struggle for nutrients our soil is currently having under our intensive farming regimes. 

As people who love the outdoors, particularly canoeing and wild swimming, the state of our rivers and waterways is particularly irksome. So we've put two and two together and hopefully come up with the right number to solve these problems.

We believe composting our waste is a return to the ways that served our soil well since the world began. Caring is what we do. Caring for our environment, our world,  caring for you. Caring is at the heart of every thing we do. 

A picture of us at the first gathering we supplied toilets for. It was a wonderful place in Derbyshire with around 150 of the loveliest people.