Compost Toilets to Buy

Our Compost toilets are lovely, they look good, smell of fresh wood, are really spacious and are odour free, yes really!  They have a waterless system and solar lights so they are a completely contained off grid unit and can be placed anywhere. They are helping keep our waste out of our precious waterways and are certainly an essential for anyone that cares about our environment. They come with everything you need, solar lights, a urine separator, pipes and all waste catchment containers. We will help set them up and talk you through everything you need to know. Delivery can be arranged for cost. And ongoing waste collection and maintenance is also possible within a certain distance.

We have two different claddings, one feather edge as in the photos above and one clad with wavy edge board as in the photos below. Some might consider the wavy edge prettier, it is definitely heavier! Lead time is 10 days to build and if there's something particular you require, whether it be sizing, height of step or something totally different let's have a chat and we will do our best to accommodate you.                             

Toilets with feather edge cladding    £1100                                                                         Toilets with wavy edge cladding        £1500